The Blue Sound Studio

The "Blue Sound Studio" is a modern computer based recording & mastering studio for audio and film productions (soundediting and mixing) with (for example) the following compoments: Adam Monitors, TC Goldchannel, microphones of Neumann, Sennheiser, Shure, Software: Steinberg Nuendo 4, WaveLab 6, UAD; TC; Waves etc. Synthesizer and sounds untill the doctor must come... and a good old Fender Rhodes MK1 and a Wurlitzer is also available! From our long-standing experience (since 1993!), recordings can be produced here competently and stress free as well as having fun with the music!
Since 1993 we have produced a lot of CDs (current: Culture Clan “Lyrical Attack” & Zonke “It’s love”) also radio jingles, sounds and songs for advertising & homepages,
music/editing/mixing/mastering for films like: “Ich bin immer noch ich” of Bettina Borgfeld. “Culture Clan, the documentary”, “Africa Maybuje”, “Lost Children” of Ali Samadi.
Solos, hornsections & strings "on demand" !

You send us your playback/song and we offer solos, hornsections and also strings and small orchestral arrangements. Midi arrangements & Sampleinstruments are resurrected by it! Instruments: Saxophone (soprano, alto, tenor, baritone). Flute, (also alto and bass flute!). Flugelhorn, trumpet. Trombone. Acoustic and E-guitars. E-bass, double bass. Fender Rhodes & Wurlitzer. Percussion (Congas, bongos & small percussion). And this everything played in by very good and well-known studio and orchestra musicians (partly of the NDR radio symphony orchestra) at a fair price! For approx. 1 year we have offered this service successfully nationally and internationally. Please contact us to discuss your project without obligation!
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