Culture Clan

My for me most important project (up till now). With Culture Clan I have got to know Africa. This included that in Johannesburg I repeatedly had a 45 Magnum in the face… Definitely this wasn’t fun! But let’s start from the beginning:

I founded „Culture Clan“after a trip to South Africa with the band ‚Jazzkantine‘. Jazzkantine had been invited to tour South Africa as part of a cultural exchange program during a visit by the German President. On that trip the band performed at several centres, and conducted workshops. I was fascinated by the richness and diversity of South Africaís culture and fell for the idea of recording music in Germany with vocals from South Africa. I spontaneously extended my stay by another 2 weeks and I got acquainted with Leon Erasmus, the owner of the Mega-Music Recording Studios and Zonke, a young and talented singer from Johannesburg.
Back in Germany, I explained the concept to bass player, composer and co-producer Matthias Fuerstenberg because a project of this couldn’t be handled alone.

I went a few times to Johannesburg to record also some rappers. (Unfortunately, on the „search for talent“ I had a 45Magnum in my face since I had been in areas where a white is not supposed to turn up. Dam this wasn’t fun! But I had managed every time escape unhurt).

Back in Germany the songs were completed by the help of many brillianten musicians, also with string- and windplayers. More than 25 musicians on the whole were involved in the project CULTURE CLAN.

This was a loooot of work… but:
In the end we had a Nr.1 hit in South Africa and got 2 important Awards!!!

Break in front of Studio
I was really happy for this two awards…!

Music Award

Channel-O Video Award:
Best African Southern



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Documentary by
Ali Samadi (DVD)


PHONOLYRICS, it is the concept to connect literature and music in all sorts of forms and programs. Excellent & professional artists from different genres meet and accompany the spectators on an developing journey full of pictures and emotions.
This is great fun!!!

Here some statements:

Our poster …


Wir (gelesen von C.Ostermayer & G.Schaupp)



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York “Kick me out”

My first solo CD with much Saxes and Flutes from the year 1994, recorded & mixed by me in the Blue Sound Studio. Acid Jazz pure! As guests: Cappucino of the Jazzkantine and Tess Alexander a cool soul singer from Canada!

Although there was no connection to a wellknown record label and no considerable promo for this CD, but it has sold considerably …

(Well, you didn’t copy robbery at that time.)


CD „Kick me out“


Upper Level Records

I’ve founded the label Upper Level Records in 2003.
A label full of Jazz, Soul, Latin, NuGrooves & House!

All CDs and more info here: www.upperlevelrecords.com