Culture Clan “The Documentary”

A very honest film by Ali Samadi Ahadi (Lost children, Salami Aleikum etc.) about the beginning of Culture Clan. The documentary was shot in South Africa & Germany. Exellent and emotionally converted.

Culture Clan “Lyrical Attack”

The second CD of „Culture Clan“ features more involved vocalists from South Africa including alot of strings and horns! This CD is a perfect mix of Hip Hop and Soul recorded with a super band and the sound is a bit bigger than the first CD, we all hope to continue the success of the first album…! For more info please visit

Culture Clan “Africa Nu”

After the success of the first CD „Africa“ established in the genre R’n’B there is a remix of the complete CD with the title „Africa NU“ now. The vocals are the same (with one new special guest) but the music has changed completely. Soul is announced! Additional a lot of high-carat string- & windplayers were recorded to this. That fits!

Spice „Fred´s Bowling Center“

The first album of the cultband „Spice“! 70’s grooves. Timeless funky!

Spice „Vario Bel Air“

The 2nd album of „Spice“. For fans a must and for music lovers also. Funky, souly, cool!

Spice „69 Overdrive“

The last album of „Spice“ with great songs and the 3 videoclips inclusive. Pure funk & soul!

Astonished Astronauts „What Planet Are You From?“

It was in 2006 when we decided to leave Planet Earth and start drifting out in space and time. Our plan was to look at our beloved homefromadistanceashugeaspossible.And,ofcourse,toletyou all know what it feels like to have such a privileged point of
view. But who are we? Some say the Astonished Astronauts is a studio writer and composer project from Hannover, Germany. We say it doesn�t matter where you�rw from as long as you know where you want to go. Housten we�ve got no problems!